5 revamped minions:
Anubis, Baby Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Chaelta and Zatta (yeah that long limbed cat creature lol)

2 newly released* Galactic Pets:
the Galactic Anyu and Velosotor
The Anyu was totally revamped by the way but you can still find the old version here*.

And I’ve added my smilies to wordpress so you can have a go and use them when commenting. I’m in the process of adding them to the site to share with you guys too but, yeah.. I’m a meany and not very generous when it comes to sharing something new. 😀
I didn’t let anyone touch any of my Christmas Presents until I said they could. A week later. 😉
So now you know how evil I am (excuse to add this smilie) x3 , I will get on with telling you about the rest of the updates. Haha I love my smilies!!

New toybox pixel to adopt:
The Hybernating Bear


Fiddly coding

Hmm, okay.. Since yet again after following a random link I find myself at Miss Jem’s site Jemjabella.co.uk, I feel the need to go round my site to replace all the textareas with those fiddly characters (the RIGHT way to show coding apparently).
Why? Because I’m too chicken that she’d, somehow, follow a link here and after taking one look at the place, would go write a terribly rude but terribly true review of my site’s content and coding.
I don’t like being bullied around, and this especially on the internet, but as she does prove to know what she’s talking about, I may as well take this time to work on that particular area.

The other reason why I’m finally giving in is because her other site, Tutorialtastic.co.uk (moved to girlswhogeek.com, has been really helpful. For example, the “report a typo” script is from there, as well as my contact form, and on past layouts some of the menus were done following her tutorials too.

The thing is: I love coding. I willingly spent several months studying Html and Css day and night. But I only love coding using coding I love. Which means that things such as /> or </p> annoy me no end. Why? I don’t know why! It’s logical to close something you’ve opened but I just don’t want to include them in my own coding. I might, one day, accept to use the closing <p> tag.
But I just don’t understand why there is this random space here: <br /> but not for </p>. Do you know why? I’m really curious to know.

Oh and another thing that kills me is all the indenting and spacing that goes on. I’m guessing it has something to do with Xhtml’s scrict standard thingies. I’m sure having their coding in different colors or spaced out differently from the left side helps some people when coding, but for me it just gives me a headache. I like it to be neat and against the left side, all in one color with clickable links fullstop. Heh but that’s just me.. ^-^”
But something tells me that on those cold winter evenings when I’m bored, I just might start studying Xhtml. Who knows, Jem’s harsh critics may have managed to convert someone else to the latest coding standards…