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My Adopted Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

My application for a new special adoption was accepted this 15th of May 2009! Weee! 😀 It’s this really delicious ice-cream, made with love by Emma of iNSOMNiA (

It’s not just any old ice-cream, nuh-huh. It’s a Mint And Chocolate Chip Whipped Ice-Cream And Cone. Now how does that sound? Pretty good to me! And what perfect timing to celebrate the coming of the hot weather. 😀

Mint Choco Chip Ice-cream

Before I thank Emma, I would like to first publicly apologise to her. You see, my application was replied to pretty much immediately as no later than the next day I had a reply from her in my inbox. And that was a full seven days ago… x_x

As you know, I’m pretty batty over my special adoptions. They have their own page (I’m thinking of retitling it the ‘Nursery’, what do you think?) and I keep several pieces of information about each one. They are unique after all.

I love all my adoptions (‘The Pixel Chest‘), but special adoptions are, well, special. There’s only one of each born to this world. And the Adoption Centres keep a photograph of each one they’ve re-homed so that they can check up on them and make sure they’re being looked after properly.

Emma should not have had to go a whole week worrying whether her special one had arrived here safely or not. So I really do apologise to you, Emma. I hope I’ll be able to show you that I’m a trustworthy adoption mother in the long run.
THANK YOU for letting me take care of your scrumptious ice-cream cone (that I’m dying to eat! 😉 )!

I’d also like to take a moment to mention a huge contest Kayla is running at her amazing website,
Please do take a look, because her prizes are pretty darn awesome to be honest.

Webitect’s WordPress Theme Contest!

Updates and Additions to the site

– remodelled (look under ‘Website’)
– visitor comments have colour backgrounds
– author comments have different colour background
– removed Gravatars for this theme
– now searches pages as well instead of just posts
– slowing having the asterisk sign (*) changed to an arrow image with the help of some CSS
– added a new plug board
– added strike, blink, and underline using CSS

I’ve also messed up another bunch of stuff so it’s high time I get rid of this lay. and replace it with something. >_< Graphic by Rebecca


Friday, August 15th, 2008

The site will be going through an update in a few minutes. This is just a little warning in case the whole thing goes berserk… x3