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My Adopted Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

My application for a new special adoption was accepted this 15th of May 2009! Weee! 😀 It’s this really delicious ice-cream, made with love by Emma of iNSOMNiA (

It’s not just any old ice-cream, nuh-huh. It’s a Mint And Chocolate Chip Whipped Ice-Cream And Cone. Now how does that sound? Pretty good to me! And what perfect timing to celebrate the coming of the hot weather. 😀

Mint Choco Chip Ice-cream

Before I thank Emma, I would like to first publicly apologise to her. You see, my application was replied to pretty much immediately as no later than the next day I had a reply from her in my inbox. And that was a full seven days ago… x_x

As you know, I’m pretty batty over my special adoptions. They have their own page (I’m thinking of retitling it the ‘Nursery’, what do you think?) and I keep several pieces of information about each one. They are unique after all.

I love all my adoptions (‘The Pixel Chest‘), but special adoptions are, well, special. There’s only one of each born to this world. And the Adoption Centres keep a photograph of each one they’ve re-homed so that they can check up on them and make sure they’re being looked after properly.

Emma should not have had to go a whole week worrying whether her special one had arrived here safely or not. So I really do apologise to you, Emma. I hope I’ll be able to show you that I’m a trustworthy adoption mother in the long run.
THANK YOU for letting me take care of your scrumptious ice-cream cone (that I’m dying to eat! 😉 )!

I’d also like to take a moment to mention a huge contest Kayla is running at her amazing website,
Please do take a look, because her prizes are pretty darn awesome to be honest.

Webitect’s WordPress Theme Contest!

Updates and Additions to the site

– remodelled (look under ‘Website’)
– visitor comments have colour backgrounds
– author comments have different colour background
– removed Gravatars for this theme
– now searches pages as well instead of just posts
– slowing having the asterisk sign (*) changed to an arrow image with the help of some CSS
– added a new plug board
– added strike, blink, and underline using CSS

I’ve also messed up another bunch of stuff so it’s high time I get rid of this lay. and replace it with something. >_< Graphic by Rebecca

Pierro, My TP Roll Buddy

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

special adoption Pierro I have a new special adoption join my already rather large family!

His name is Pierro and he’s one of Zuri’s TP Roll Buddies*! lol He’s holding a dog biscuit in the shape of a bone I think. Cute! :3

And I had a good day on the 27th for my 22nd birthday. I shared a strawberry pie with my sister and it was so good! We cut the pie in six pieces so that we could spread it out over the next coming days. It was lovely to have strawberries over the course of three days. 😛 I took some photos of it actually!


I also received some beautiful cards from the family.

Friday Updates

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Sougara Yellowjack Beehive has been added to the Wigs page along with it’s preview. 😉

And I’ve added the list of items you could buy with the points earned during the Reading Contest. Previews of items arriving shortly too.

Check out Keith’s Thank You video, after seeing 1200 people online for Subeta’s 4th anniversary.

Actually Keith has brought out several videos these past few days.
September 14th: “New coming soon, promise!*
September 15th: “Re: Free IceCream!*
September 17th: “Thank you!” (which is the video I mentioned above)

I haven’t actually watched any of them yet, so tell me if they’re good ones!! (yay!)
And more updates to come, after I’ve had a lie down. ^_^;

Meanwhile check out my latest Special Adoption!
It is so so cute, I bet you’re gonna scream! (yes)

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